1= Use The Menu skin to load and configure all the available skins.
2= You can call the Settings skin from any skin by right-clicking on it and selecting neon settings.
3= once your setup is complete, you can save it as a layout to load easiler later from the layouts section on Rainmeter mananger.



1= Weather: Hover your mouse where it says “WEATHER CODE” on the menu skin (Top Left Corner) and read the instructions that appears.


2= Gmail: click where it says “GOOGLE MAIL” you will be redirected to a page where you have to click on “Activate” then enter your acount without “”
and password. Note! your acount and password are stored on your pc in the variables file and doesn’t go any where, you can skip this step if you have security concerns.


3= Wifi: Click on “Maxdown and Up” and enter your con speed.


4= Speed Fan: Click where it says “Speed Fan” and download it from the page that opens,( speed fan is needed for Cpu,Gpu,Hdd and Fan speeds)
Install it and enter the corresponding values for GPU,Hdd,and Cpu, Note Numbers start from 0, meaning if your first temperature is your GPU, then under gpu on the menu skin, enter 0
so if your cpu is your third value in Speedfan, then enter 2 on menu skin to monitor it.


5= AudioPlayer: Left-click on your audio player from the list of supported players.

To use foobar2000, Download and install foo_CAD


6= You will find numbers 1-5 Right to launcher type skins example “Left Corner” use these numbers to edit the path and path name

7= if this Readme file keep reappearing after you reboot your pc, make sure it’s unloaded on rainmeter manager.