1–The new weather API now uses latitude and longitude for the weather and Maps. First, head to mapcoordinates.net and input your city in the search bar.
2- Next copy your latitude and left-click once on Neon-Space menu skin where it says “LATITUDE”. Replace the default value that appears on the top-right bar with yours. Don’t forget to hit the enter key to save it. Do the same for your longitude. see the image below.

3- For Celcius scale, simply click on °C and for Fahrenheit click °F

4- If you are using the skin in English, then you don’t have to do this part as the default language is English. If you want to use your weather skins in a different language, then open this link and copy your countries language code==>>  LINK

 – Once you copy the code, head back to the Neon-Space menu skin and left-click where it says “Languages” at the top. Replace the default code that appears in the top-right bar with yours and hit the enter key. See the image below for France as an example.