Thanks For Downloading!

      This skins use may graphics which requires lots of time and work to make, if you like them, purshasing the pro versions will help support

      Future Expansions and Server maintenance.



Best Deal (Neon space and Glass shards)                                                         Neon space Pro                                                                               Glass shards Pro

You Save 1$ !


     You can also pay more than the prices above if you which to support this projects more and also get access to the Extras Below.


What You Get

->   All Skins Unlocked .

->  All Preset Colors Unlocked.

->  Access To Custom Colors.

->  Lifetime Free Updates For Neon Space Pro and glass shards pro.

-> All sound effects unlocked (Glass shards)




->  You Can Request A Custom Profile Picture For The “Maria Hill” Skin  “Info Skin”(neon space only).

->  You can Request 5 custom icons.

->  You Can Request one specific tweak of  your choice (neon space only).


Version 3.0

->   Added Language support (neon space)

->   more skins.

->   Fixed Auto Location.

->   Updated Graphics.

->   Added spotify support (neon space only)

->   included metalic and graphite Frames (neon space only)


Neon Space / Glass Shards  by 99villages